a-morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose

Photography: Just Jared

Remember Kerin Rose? For those that have been reading this blog for awhile may remember Kerin, she used to submit stories for the DIY section, the section haven’t been updated because she got too busy with something else lol…which is a good thing. About 8 months ago, Kerin started a new line of hand crafted accessories called a-morir which has already garnered a celebrity following like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Cassie, Jazmine Sullivan and Erin Lucas. Her line is most known for her sunglasses which has about 450-600 hand applied Swarovski crystals on selected pairs. The line consists of sunglasses, eyeglasses, headbands and necklaces.

Most of you may remember seeing Rihanna rockin’ these black Love/Hate Convertible Chain Sunglasses ($250), which is also my favorite piece, on July 2nd out and about at Philippe Chow in NYC. Rihanna looked fresh, loved how the sunglasses looked on her. Katy Perry wore the Schubert Sunglasses ($200) at a performance and the Rockstar Sunglasses ($250) on American Idol. Mariah Carey wore the Bizet Sunglasses ($200) in a music video and Erin Lucas wore the Concerto Feather Headband ($70). If you love her accessories, you can cop them online here.

Props to Kerin, keep doing your thing! I so need a pair of those Love/Hate Convertible Chain Sunglasses…hotness!

UPDATE: Karmaloop.com now stocks a-morir sunglasses.

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a morir by kerin.rose
Photography: Celeb City

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose
Photography: Katy-Perry.net

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose
Photography: Getty Images

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose
Maria Carey

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose
Erin Lucas

a morir by kerin.rose

a morir by kerin.rose
As seen in the Hellz Bellz “So Lolita” Summer 2009 Collection Look Book

a morir by kerin.rose

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  1. I know this sounds dumb lol, but does the chain on the convertible glasses come off?

  2. I like the mouse ears head band. Cute!

  3. I so luv luv luv those shades especially dha one rihanna is wearin.to bad I can’t afford it.

  4. love these glasses. especially the ones rihanna has on, very fashion foward. these are my type, cute, fashionable, colorful, and shining with bling.

  5. The KR chain is a copy of Mercura NYC originally designed by us in 1987. WE have editorial proof of our leash glasses from 1988 Mexican Vogue , etc. and have made many variations.
    We are very distressed that she can just copy us and get credit.This is a functional bread and butter design— she robbed us.
    Please feel free to contact us and visit our website.
    Rachel & Merrilee

  6. shut up^^! But anyways I soo want the love /hate sunglasses!

  7. thanks so much for the glowing post!

    i don’t know what glasses those women are talking about, guys – i would NEVER copy anyone! besides my INSPIRATION is the CHANEL shade, which predates 1987 by a longshot!

    thanks, everyone for being so supportive!! xoxoxo

  8. seriously. figured that was a CHANEL inspiration. same with cubannie links, i love her stuff too!

    and kerin rose, i am happy to see your hard and amazing work being recognized.

  9. You can see the original chain sunglasses in magazine from the 1980’s and 1990’s. They were made by MERCURA NYC, worn by Debbie Gibson among other musicians. The MERCURA NYC CHAINS were filmed on Bobby Brown in the 1980’s and owned by several interesting people at the Chelsea Hotel NYC including Shirley Clarke in 1988. Jose Eber in LA carried the line for many years, until he passed and a new manager took over the beauty center. Shops in New York, like Barney’s at 17th Street had them in their windows and there is an article about the original copywright by MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES in a 1989 newspaper, as they were so popular.
    MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES still makes them and Hilory Beckford(management of models and mom of Tyson) wears them, as does Lil Kim, Marc Suefentes and a series of divas.
    The others or rip offs are claiming they were “inspired” by MERCURA NYC SUNGLASSES, but stylists see the copy cat situation is dangerous to innovative thinkers who have to make a living too!
    Check Rachel Gilman’s blog to see an American stylist’s opinion!

    The first time I saw MERCURA NYC chain sunglasses were on Shirley Clarke at the Chelsea Hotel. They were smashing! Made with a chain of pearls that had been hand strung going directly into the top of a pair of cat eyes…… Everyone complimented them and she wore them often. That was=2
    0back in the 1980?s. Then, saw those Cohen Sisters who hand make all the MERCURA NYC frames, wearing the big ones they made with the chains accross the top, now deemed the IT glasses. About four years later, to my knowledge, Chanel came out with his. It was shocking!

  10. i think mercura nyc should thank kerin rose for bringing their brand back to the spotlight! dont be mad because you fell off!


  12. PPS the ladies at MERCURA NYC who originally designed as their art and who make these chain sunglasses and readers are Canadian and please be aware Canadian copyright laws say when the artist is the first to make the law spontaneously comes into being Internationally. They have made them since the 1980’s

  13. Well Sandy—- Kerin Rose saw our glasses because we are in the spotlight
    with Derek loves hopping on youtube episode 3 and Numero etc
    Her friend Valissa Yoe chose to photograph herself in our glasses and buy them.
    Several downtown celebrities wore our chains then she copied us.
    see chainsunglassesbymercuranyc.blogspot.com

    The chain/leash is our invention, our innovation, our totally new contribution to the eyeglass wearing world

  14. I love the chain sunglasses but the price is a bit hefty for me right now. I did a search on Etsy and found a girl who has some up for 1/5 the price So i might do that. But i love those other jewel encrusted ones with the stars!!!

  15. Months later I see my name pop up saying thank you to Kerin Rose…..must be a mistake……now I have seen all her designs were made first in other places and the quality of her frame is bad. Why is Rihanna stuck with those?

  16. O dear, all you argumentative designers shouldn’t you be on to the next thing instead of arguing about who had what first!!!On top of that you could’ve mailed out like 30 press kits to a bunch of fashion blogs instead of arguing online about something you had success in the 80’s for…Jump into the next century already!!!

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