Who Wore It Better? Amerie vs. Amber Rose

Monday, June 29, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Wire Image / Celeb City

I don’t know about you but I love the who wore it better posts, today’s a treat there’s two back to back!

What are the chances of wearing the same outfit at the same event nowadays? Well, it hasn’t really happened lately but last night at the BET Awards 2009 red carpet you see two hot ladies, with the same first initials both rockin’ a backless little white dress from the Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 collection. Kanye’s fierce arm candy, Amber Rose, wore her dress with a pair of hot pink pumps with a matching clutch, and Amerie rocked head to toe McQueen in the very popular Pelle Leather Sandals (as seen on Rihanna and LaLa Vasquez). My pick would have to be Amber Rose, she’s boom boom boom everywhere and I love white with hot pink! Thanks for the tip YM!

Who do you think worked it?

Bigger pics after the jump…

Photography: Wire Image – AMERIE


Photography: Celeb City – AMBER ROSE

Photography: Celebutopia – AMBER ROSE & KANYE WEST


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31 thoughts on “Who Wore It Better? Amerie vs. Amber Rose

  1. omg i want that dress so bad i love the pink with amber rose so my pick is ms rose but i love amerie and her boots 🙂

  2. Amerie just tryin to be fashionable…
    it works.
    she looks good too
    BUT i think amber rockd it better.
    i just wished her lipstick would have the same pink as her shoes.
    she is so unique..
    i like her!
    & kanye+amber=perfect match 🙂
    i mean couple.

  3. HMMM Tuff one! even though they both r different fabrics I have to give it to Amber Rose the shoes did it for me and her body amazing! NOt a lot of plp can pull off Silk!

  4. amerie looked hot and stunningly gorgeous…
    UNTIL amber rose walked onto the carpet!
    amber rose won this battle cos her accessory was kanye west!

  5. Amerie would have rocked it but too bad she chose the wrong pair of shoes to wear with the outfit.

    Amber Rose’s style is starting to grow on me so I have to choose Amber! Kanye must have paid big bucks to hire a good stylist for her.

  6. AMERIE! To me, Amber’s “look” is always off. If she was going for a monochromatic color scheme for her accessories, hot pink in this case, she should have been cohesive with the lipstick, as well. The frosted pink lipstick throws the whole thing off. It doesn’t help that the sunglasses screamed contrived. Amerie looked much more put together, IMO.

  7. idk i like both. i like amber’s shoes, bag, shades, and edgy fashionable uniqueness. i like amerie’s necklace, shoes, hair, and length, plus she’s very pretty. this is a tough one.

  8. I love the dark hair on amerie with the dress and the edgy necklace but ambers bald head adds a natrual edgyness to the dress and i love the shades with it and the pink lip and I love that she switched it up and added her own individualty into the look with that pop of color in the shoe. I think they both look nice though.

  9. i think AMERIE gave the dress a classy look with the necklace and where are those shoes from… i luvv em!

  10. i think they both look good, Amerie rocked a more rocker look and Amber kept it soft and pink…luv both of them…

  11. AmErie!!!! AmbeR was KoOl ina TacKy coOl Kinda way.. ShE tryed ToO harD wiT the PinK Shoesss…
    Amerie iss an EfforTless BeaUtY.. Dnt Get me wroNg AmBeR is HoT cuz Shee Is HoT But her 15 min is uP! "Yezzy TolD Me"

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