Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes Fall 2009 Collection [Update]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Back in February we got the first look at the Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes Fall 2009 Collection from his Spring 2009 runway show and it looked amazing and very not like Payless, it was too good to be true. The actual shoes being produces were revealed today at a press preview, our friends at Racked checked out the collection today and “turns out those super-high, deadly-looking heels were produced just for the runway” only, how disappointing! The shoes no longer have spikes and chains which is what I’ve been looking forward to, the shoes are still being “tweaked” so hopefully at least one pair will be released with some crazy detailing. The booties are still kinda cute, I’d rock ’em. Are you still anticipating the release after seeing these pics?

Stay tuned for more pics and info forthcoming…

One more pics after the jump…



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30 thoughts on “Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes Fall 2009 Collection [Update]

  1. what a letdown on the runway shoes not going to production!!! you’d think that at the very least they would have changed their minds on this one – the blog press has been INSANE and everyone’s waiting for those damn shoes!

    not hating the booties… are the dark ones black or brown, and what kind of embossing is involved?

  2. im so disappointed about no more spikes! i could live without these shoes, the spikes and chains really made a difference… but still cute nonetheless…

  3. oh good actually. The spikes are way too impractical for me, and not my style, but I did love the straps and platforms. cool!

  4. Im dissapointed. Now the collection looks like payless’s ususal style. Total let down just like the Pat Field collection, Lela Rose, and Abate. What are they thinking over @ PSS? The internet went crazy over those shoes and then let all that press go to waste.

  5. I can’t believe they would change things so drastically after the raves the collection received after his runway show…I hope they didn’t intend on doing this the entire time and just didn’t say anything…wtf

  6. Wow, what a huge disappointment. As soon as I read the title of this post, I realized it could not be good… 🙁 I’m so sad now.

  7. EPIC LETDOWN… i am contemplating what to do to hurt payless for doing this, although I must say, Christian, it seems like you were bullied by Payless, I would have told them to kiss my A** and that my collection would not be edited/watered down to such a fault. Still <3 tho and I would buy the dark boots and add my own shoe harness!

  8. Oh man…really? I was really looking forward to buying the one with the chains. The boots still look pretty good…I wonder if it’s possible to put chains on myself..?

  9. it makes sence. as much as the platforms got in reviews, its probably that no-one could actully WALK in them. i dont know if i miss the spikes that much, i still want both bags.

  10. Those are some ugly ass teal booties…not even close to fit for the runway. Payless needs to take a lesson from Target on designer collections. WEAK!!!

  11. This is completely unacceptable. I think that payless underestimates the public. People would have bought those shoes. They could have charged a lot for those. I mean those spiked heels and chains were unreal, and boo hoo for u but i can rock a 6 inch stilletto with the best of ’em. some girls just aren’t cut out for edgy stuff, so i guess we are all getting the shaft. i agree about him being bullied. they could have atleast done the chains, i mean geez how lame does it have to be for payless customers to want it. stacy bendets new line is hot though so it kinda makes up for it!!!!

  12. The long awaited moment has arrived. Last night i just bought two pairs of his shoes on As of now he only has two pairs on the website, so hurry up before your size sells out. I both he pump with the chains and the brown pair with the peep toe and ankle strap.

  13. after viewing the shoes at , i am EXTREMELY disappointed.
    I’m sure people will just buy because they are “christian siriano”
    but he would had had ALOT more sales if he left all the chains, studs and spikes on the heels. even if they were high, he could have made them less high and kept everything on. It really isn’t in the “christian siriano spirit” it has no drama, no excitement or innovation, which is what he’s all about. They ARE cute shoes, but boring.

  14. I went into payless today. Although the line does not match perfectly to the runway shoes,they are hot! I also think her line is the best in payless! I don’t know what shows, but the payless in NYC has her shoes and they look really nice..STOP COMPLAINING!

  15. 🙁 so disapointed i saw them on Oprah And these ARE NOT EVEN close im so let down WtF happened to all the style these lame boring shoes SUCK compared to the one theat were suppose to come out

  16. Oh what a let down. I was so excited that his shoes would be available. Too bad they aren't his shoes. Guess I'll have to try and find some elsewhere.

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