Michael Jackson Rockin’ Balmain

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by Wendy Lam

I don’t know about you but I’ve been lusting over Balmain’s Fall 2009 Collection once I saw it, but of course it’s way too expensive for me to even think about it. I’m so loving the boots with the straps (pictured)! So all the blogs have been buzzing about the spotting of Michael Jackson rockin’ a crystal-encrusted zebra women’s T-shirt fresh off the runway of the Fall 2009 collection. It’s no wonder editors said that Christophe Decarnin’s collection seemed to be inspired by the ’80’s icons and Michael Jackson, it makes total sense now- so crazy. Now don’t be jealous ladies, I anticipate to see what Michael Jackson would wear next! This is totally on another level ha!

Bigger pic after the jump…



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7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Rockin’ Balmain

  1. I can’t believe it, I mean you just wrote this post a few months ago. Now to think that he is dead is beyond sad. I was really anticipating his comeback. =( He was really an amazing icon.

  2. so what in my opinion is really unisex i can picture any guy wearing that shirt with a pair of jeans. It looks fine on him doesent it? then i dont believe theres any problem with it. seriously girls wear guy clothes sometimes. im preety particular with what gender clothes i war but sometimes guys have things girls can wear and same goes for the girls side. like i saw these nice pair of skinny jeans for guys and i would have worn them if i found my size. nothing wrong with it

  3. The King looks much better than the model in that shirt, nothin’ to say about it. + it goes for both sex (women & men). However, whatever he used to wear he was looking always great & very elegant. God bless his soul

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