Matthew Williamson for H&M Women’s Collection [First Look]

Scanned by saffiertje/TFS (Dutch Elle)

Normally I don’t really blog on the weekends but I think this needs to go up asap since I know a lot of you guys are H&M fanatics like me. StyleFinder has the first look at Matthew Williamson for H&M women’s collection. The pieces featured are not cheap, they’re made up of sequins and silk, hence the price point. The sequin dress and blue blazer are looking pretty good, the jumpsuit seems to be really popular too- there’s a silk jumpsuit in the line too. I’m looking forward to seeing the full collection. Big thanks to reader lucy92 for the tip!

The exclusive women’s collection is set to hit selected stores on April 23, 2009, followed by another Summer range for women and men from mid-May. An H&M spokeswoman said the “exclusive” women’s range would be carried in about 200 stores, with the second delivery slated for all of its 1,700 stores.

What’s your thoughts? Are you feelin’ it?

UPDATE: Just added a scan from Dutch Elle, this is starting to get interesting…

More pics after the jump…

Sequin Dress US$200 (also featured in Lucky’s April issue)

Silk Jumpsuit £150 / Silk Dress £100

Silk-Mix Blazer £70

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  1. i’m on the fence. need another look…maybe in person.


  2. hum… i agree. the jumpsuit look goood..
    so far the price look a little bit deep. with the currency exchange… back to USD or CAD.
    and in this kind of economy crisis…. its’ hard to tell

  3. i’m liking the silk jumpsuit!!

    i also like the peacock feather dress/shirt thing. but like kilee said, the price is a bit steep!!

  4. its cute but it seems a bit pricey. darn it!

  5. the peacock dress has potential, but i couldn’t pull it off.

  6. the sequin dress is magic, I wonder how it’ll compare in quality to his current 4k one that’s in store.

  7. Does this designer realize what kind of store H&M is what what their clothes usually retail for…at least here in the US?

  8. too expensive, but its still gonna sell out. or maybe it will be a bust like the marimekko h&m stuff.

  9. Love the sequin dress !

  10. IMO this is the best H&M collab so far. They actually look like his clothes. The sequin dress is crazy amazing.

  11. so amazing. i love all these collaborations. I will definitely be checking it out.

  12. yes! I’m so glad it’s coming in April 23rd, that’s when I’m traveling ways away to the nearest H&M and that happens to be the exact date I should be there!

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