Alexander Wang Coco Duffel

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel
Photography: thecc/TFS

I’ve been lusting over this Alexander Wang Coco Duffel that Mary-Kate Olsen has been toting around town, it’s from Wang’s Fall 2009 collection and won’t be available till July! Of course MK gets to rock this fierce bag out before anyone else does and make gurls like me go crazy over it. The price is not bad at all, according to WWWD it retails for $850, definitely a must buy for me. This amazing black leather gold studded piece is very versatile and goes with a lot of stuff and is definitely on the top of my wish list. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, hopefully I can! Patiently waiting…

In the meantime, if you can’t wait till July has other Alexander Wang bags available!

More pics after the jump…

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel
Isn’t it so amazing?

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel
Photography: NY Mag / Alexander Wang Fall 2009 RTW Collection

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  1. dang blogging must pay OFF if a $850 bag is a must buy for you! I friggin am lucky I can afford the cheap knockoffs on Canal

  2. Ditto.

  3. The bags looks amazing as well as MK!

  4. Love that bag and MK Olsen so much!
    I can’t wait to see what her and Ashley are gonna do with the men’s wear collection.

  5. ohhh sooo hot!

  6. looks like Wang has been a bit inspired by the Tres “Burden bag” with studs underneath it.

  7. I like that if you have to put it down somewhere it’s armed against the nastiness.

  8. I’m keeping a keen eye on that handbag….those gold studs are fierce, and I love how Wang kept the rest of the bag simple and chic. Nice one! Also admiring MK’s Stella McCartney heels…would def buy them in the nude hue.

  9. Where can I get this bag ?
    Have try every where, and I can’t find it.
    Please help me … !! (:

  10. Mick Margo has them available for pre-sale!

  11. Mick Margo has already sold out of their pre-order – DARN….

  12. Gail, they must have more available now because I just ordered one from them.


    been waiting every day since i first saw this photo…..greatest bag ever.

  14. Ladies-
    There are 2 left at! Call 847.501.5253 for the Coco bag now! Dont want to miss this..they are flying out of the store!

  15. love this bag…..goes so well with all black.

  16. where can i get thi s bag at an affordable price?????? LADIES

  17. I’ve been looking for this bag in black at regular price for almost 2 weeks now and i cant find it ANYWHERE!!! The denim is only available everywhere i look and i am in desperate NEED for the black. Where can i find it??? PLEASE HELP!

  18. i got this bag for christmas from my mom & dad (no wait list or anything)
    they got it from harvey nichols in london in black
    it was the last one in stock in black but they had the lighter color
    just in case anyone was wondering where they still have them :)

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