DIY Slashed/Ripped Jeans

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Wendy Lam

This past Sunday, I broke out my DIY skills and attempted to slash up my PrivacyWear London Skinny Jeans to recreate the slashed/cut/ripped/destroyed jeans I’ve been coveting. I’ve been loving the look but can’t seem to find any for sale yet, def waiting for the pair of Topshop jeans that Erin Wasson was rockin’ (see image below). I didn’t want to cut too much out so I just slashed and ripped enough to create the effect. As you can see my DIY skills aren’t the best, matter fact I’m kinda rusty but I’m going to attempt this again on a pair of black jeans with more noticeable cut-outs like the Topshop jeans. What do you think?

More pics after the jump…





Love these Topshop jeans that Erin Wasson was rockin’…


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13 thoughts on “DIY Slashed/Ripped Jeans

  1. OMG, this look reminds me of the hood! many kids from “round the way” have been slashing their jeans for years, glad to see that it has gone mainstream….

  2. Looks great! I actually have the Topshop jeans and since I bought them, I’ve become fixated on the “shred” trend and I’ve done some DIY slashing on some of my vintage Levi’s – it’s much cheaper 🙂

  3. gahh! how’dyou do it??! 😛 i’ve been loving Miley Cyrus’ ripped jeans from her pics with her bro (the one whose name starts with B?) and Taylor Momsen: you know, the one with the rip at the knee cap. but i’m too cheap to go out and buy them and well, i live in Shanghai so i DON’T know where to go get them. XD

  4. i LOVE yours they look really authentic! i tried to do mine using a cheesgrater, boxcutter, steaknife and razorblades and i love them! ive saved about $200 and got rid of all my frustrations by mutilating my black skinnies! my friends all love them too and i have orders to make them 🙂

  5. i’ve got the plaited flannel you’re wearing.. heheh.. from uniqlo menswear. haha.. except that i ripped the collar off and cropped it.

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