Michelle Obama Rockin’ H&M!


Thanks to my one of my best tipper lucy92 for sending over this pic of Michelle Obama rockin’ a H&M dress while campaigning in Detroit, Michigan! How fab does she look? Fashion doesn’t always need to be super expensive, so glad she shops at fast fashion chains like all of us. Not every appearance needs to cost an arm and a leg, good go! Now that Mrs. Obama was seen in public with this dress, cop it quick if you want it. You know it’ll be sold out in no time…she does have a huge following!

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  1. she looks adorable in the h&m! nice to see her engaging in the high + low end shopping practices.

  2. She looks great! I can’t believe she’s wearing an H&M dress!

  3. Love, love Michelle. She dresses how I think I would if I were in politics.

  4. Love the dress, and I agree – it’s great that her style is so accessible.

  5. Michelle ~ that’s my girl! :)

  6. That dress is from H&M??? I love it! She does look great.

  7. I love her…she looks SO good.

  8. that looks reallllly nice on her.

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