Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister for Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Another Urban Outfitters’ designer collection has dropped silently, Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister made exclusively for Urban Outfitters. There are seven pieces currently available online consisting of summer tops and dresses, a jumper and a jacket. The prices for this range seem to be far more expensive then the previous designer collections, retail prices ranges from $128 to $228. Is it worth those prices? Check out the collection and determine for yourself.

> Urban Outfitters: Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister


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3 thoughts on “Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister for Urban Outfitters

  1. yea agreed me likey the black silk romper me no likey the price $190 pretty much. Get outta here. i thought the point of designers doing outlets like these was so that fashion doesnt have to come with a outrageous tag……..

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