Reebok Freestyle Hip Hop and Punk

Thursday, June 19, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Hip Hop

Reebok is continuously banging out new colorways, styles and collaborations on the classic Freestyle model, they have sent over some images of the new Freestyle Hip Hop and Punk inspired sneakers. The Freestyle Hip Hop pair also comes in white and is slated to release on October 1st along with a hoodie and tee. No release date on the Freestyle Punk pairs as of yet, the sneakers retail at $69.99 and will be offered in sizes 5-11. Do these fancy you?

More pics after the jump…




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9 thoughts on “Reebok Freestyle Hip Hop and Punk

  1. sometimes I think reebok overdoes the color, it looks tasteless.
    the best one is the punk version, but the color fo the straps annoy me to the fullest,
    reebok needs to make a different look for their shoe,
    or just stick w/ the classics.

  2. i’m in love with da 3rd pair. the chain accent makes it stand out and it doesn’t look as tacky with all da colors as the 1st and 2nd pair.

  3. Already seen the last two pairs.
    They’re okay.
    But the first pair is ridiculous.
    I’m in love with them.
    What stores are those coming out in?

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