Botkier for Target Collection Preview

Photography: Target

After three months from its announcement of the collaboration, The Cut gives us the exclusive preview of the upcoming Botkier for Target collection that is slated to drop on July 20th. The collection is “a mix of luxury and utility with a downtown edge. It is for the chic, modern woman — it features rich textures and luxe metallics, combining my signature use of hardware as the jewelry of a handbag while still keeping a focus on functionality”. Hmmm…I have mixed feelings about this line, nothing really screams “yes” to me. What do you guys think? Are you sold?

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  1. seems very fall-ish.
    but the eggplant color is very eyecatching amongst the rest.
    it’s an ‘ehh’ for me.

  2. I think that alot of the GO collections especially the accessories, I have to see in person because pictures sometimes do no justice. Like the collection, nothing looks interesting but I’ll get to the store and love it.

  3. I kind of like the little black structured purse on the left in the third photo, but this is way too 1970s/Studio 54 for me. The hobo bag thing is getting old, for me at least.

  4. I love botkier but I’m kind of ehhh about this, out of everything I like the smaller bags and clutches the best.

  5. I like the eggplant bag and the bags with the chain straps.

  6. my fav are the ones on the 1st pic. the rest are screaming cheap looking to me but we’ll have to wait and see them in person.

  7. i dont think anyone can beat the rafe collection, those were some REALLY nice bags

  8. the studs and fringes remind me of the hollywood collection… totally not me

  9. im diggin the black one that looks like the “bianca” bag

  10. just saw some of the bags here in long island , cop the gold crackled pouch and the black bag….love it !!!

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