Lindsay Lohan Launches 6126 Leggings Line

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Photography: celeb-city

Lindsay Lohan launched a new contemporary collection of leggings called 6126, the name of the line is inspired by Marilyn Monroe as 6.1.26 is her birthday. I have to say she is quite smart by releasing a product that’s a staple for most women. I can never get enough leggings myself, they’re so comfortable and easy to wear – very chic if worn correctly. On Friday, Lilo along with two leggy models were swarmed by paparrazzis as they shot the look book for her collection. Seems like the line is a variety of black leggings in different materials and details, the knee pads legging looks kinda silly – what was she thinking? But the zippered pair that she was wearing herself looked pretty cute, I’d rock it. I’ll just wait till I see the full range till I make my judgments, everyone deserves a chance right? How do you feel about her new line?

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Photography: Celebutopia


Promotional Photoshoot at Cauvee – May 9th 2008




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18 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Launches 6126 Leggings Line

    • The designs of Lindsays leggings and clothing are surprisingly nice. Her choice 2 use her sister and herself in the ads was a poor one. If your trying to sell the line, use models 2 do it. There is a reason its done that way. Models are pleasing 2 the eyes. I dont know how many people online agree w me but I have asked quite a few of my friends (male and female) if they thought Lindsay was good looking and 9 out of 10 people said she was like an average chick. Having above average women in ads. definitely pays off. The public assumes they will look that good in the clothes. If you aren't a well liked public image you should steer clear of using yourself in these images. For anyone who loves her, I'm entitled 2 my opinion. I think shes a cool chick bc she''s a free spirit and probably has it a lot tougher then most people give her credit for..but when I think about her lil sister, my heartbreaks. If she is nothing else in the world she should be a good role model for Ali. I just wish she stood for something. If shes gay, support the cause, loud and proud, dont use it to gain attention and press.

  1. I think leggings have nearly had their day and will be out pretty soon-maybe this was the wrong time for the line

  2. so i like what i se leggings wise but what up with the im-promp to photoshoot? it just looks kinda odd. it would have been nice to see like a actually fashion photo vogue-esque. step it up linds youre fantastic.

  3. These are fabulous. I love the knee pads, leggings with zippers- much needed.
    Leggings are here to stay for awhile. Way to go Lindsay.

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