Ksubi for Pastelle (Kanye West)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Ksubi (Kanye West models his Ksubi-designed sunglasses)

Australian fashion label Ksubi, famed amongst many celebrities, will be collaborating on an eyewear range for Kanye West’s Pastelle line. The range was designed by George Gorrow and according to SMH, “Gorrow met West in Los Angeles over the past year to design the collection”. Come October, Ksubi for Pastelle will be released globally and “will feature limited-edition gold frames, which will sell for about $2000”.

“I love the sunnies Ksubi has produced over the years, and it’s an honour to collaborate with them on this first instalment of Pastelle frames,” West said. “George is an incredibly talented designer, and I’ve never met anyone who knew more about sunglasses and other cool stuff.”

We all know that Kanye loves his sunnies, this already sounds like a dope collaboration. But $2000 for a pair of shades? I’m hoping they’re not all “limited edition”…


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One thought on “Ksubi for Pastelle (Kanye West)

  1. theyre probably not ALL limited edition. and on top of everything, the only people that are going to spend 2gs on a pair of gold sunglasses are people that can afford it who dont care how much money they spend so whatever

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