First Look: Jovovich-Hawk for Target

Friday, January 11, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Thanks to reader h for the tip, here’s the first look to the much anticipated Jovovich-Hawk for Target collection. The shorts is quite cute, I can’t wait to see the rest! Once again, the collection is slated to release in Target stores and on March 2nd! Scan via Sally Jane Vintage

Are you excited or did this just kill it for you?

Check the collection preview here!


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11 thoughts on “First Look: Jovovich-Hawk for Target

  1. OMG!! That just made it worse~lol! How cute are those shorts and the top? Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than EF’s mess. For all the designers out there who want to make a collection for mass market, please consider what the “masses” might actually wear! I don’t expect couture from Target, I just hope for something really, really cute and affordable from designers that are normally out of my everyday wear reach.

  2. I adored Fetherston’s collection, artsy, creative ,actually took effort in making something adorable, whats the point in getting a good designer to make “normal” clothes? just look at the rest of the womens department for that

  3. my review of the new line, im actually excited to see what their dresses look like, but that print on that shirt does nothing for me, the shorts are cute.

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