Hollywould for Target Collection Preview

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Target

Back in June, I received news from a *lil birdie* that Hollywould was tapped by Target to create a limited-time-only accessories collection that will run from October 21, 2007 to January 19, 2008. Yesterday, Target put up images from the collection and I have to say I’m really disappointed. There’s absolutely no urge to purchase anything from this collection, the only decent piece is may be this lace print pump above…remember I said may be, the final decision lies on how it looks in person. Judge for yourself, are you feelin’ any of this? More images from the collection after the jump…


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23 thoughts on “Hollywould for Target Collection Preview

  1. Yeah, the quality looks really shabby, especially on the leopard print ones. The shoes all look so… tacky. I mean bows?

  2. Wow… I don’t comment alot but I HAD to for this… how disappointing! I’d rather go to payless than buy that stuff (especially the bags they are awful!!!)

  3. i kind of like the red set… i like the bows in the back- kind of unique. But the collection as a whole is definately nothing to squeal about… they’ll probably be way overpriced

  4. Yeah, blechhh. those bags are awful, esp all the blue denimish one with the quilted stiching and the tassels!
    ps-, people.com’s “off the rack” blog is linking to this post.

  5. I think the pumps and the bag combos are cute espechially for what I have seen for the fall (lady like and a little punk). I really like the red shoes. The bigger bags are seriously tacky.

  6. WOW! ….. Wow as in- WOW that’s pretty hideous! Has this company ever walked through a Target? I understand that Target’s not high fashion by any means- but they have to be given more credit than this CRAP! Those purses are disgusting. And the shoes… is that all they could come up with- some cheap looking animal print (bc we’ve never seen that before) and those funktafied bows?? Bows and Leopard print can be hot!! But this is more like a slap in the face from a designer. Good thing it’s a limited time only…. their junk won’t be there long!

  7. Well, I think there’s possibilites with the plain red and pink purses and shoes. Everything else I would not touch with a 10ft pole. Pretty cheap looking!

  8. This stuff is NOT CUTE!!!! The red shoes are just okay……Look VERY cheap…I could find cuter purses at the FLEA MARKET!! Target should try to get out of this deal…..Overall very NOT HOT!

  9. The shoes and shoe/purse combos aren’t too bad…I like the pink and red sets, but it depends on the quality. Even though it’s at Target, if the quality isn’t decent I won’t purchase.

    But the purses! OMG those are the most hideous things I’ve seen in a long, long time. Where did they get the inspiration from? The back of some 1970’s disco diva’s closet? They might be cute…if you’re 12 and haven’t discovered a sense of fashion yet.

  10. The thing that really irks me about this is the quality. Hollywould itself is made in Italy, but there is no way that Target can keep its prices down like that. Hence, they probably produce in China, which means the shoes will be foot-killers.

    Having said that, I might go and get the pink bag and shoe set. I can see teaming it up with a simple LBD.

  11. I do really like the red shoes – with the curved opening and the bow on the back of the heel. It looks from the picture like it’ll be some kind of shantung, but that might just be my wishful thinking.

  12. This stuff IS hideous. So is the more expensive stuff from Hollywould. people just buy it b/c they think expensive means it must be worth buying or wearing. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of a brand that never should have been in business. YUCK.

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