DimePiece Designs Summer ’07 Sneak Peak

DimePiece Designs Summer 07 Sneak Peak

DimePiece is a new ladies streetwear brand that is droppin’ this Summer. Their Summer ’07 line consists of seven pieces and retails at $30 – $40. Retail store deliveries are currently being shipped and it will be available exclusively online very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I luv how they incorporated the lipstick into their logo, very very lady!

Here’s a sneak peak of two of seven shirts that will be available, for more info about the brand you can either hit up myspace.com/dimepiecedesigns or email them, info@dimepiecedesigns.com. More info forthcoming, one more pic after the jump…

DimePiece Designs Summer 07 Sneak Peak

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  1. More proof that anyone who knows photoshop or illustrator can start a “clothing line”.

    Not impressed at ALL.

  2. Hi rachel, you havent even seen the whole line yet. and you didnt even supply us with a link where we can see your skills. your mouth may be moving too fast for your own good. if you aint being hated on then you aint doing shiet. so hate on hater.

  3. I agree with Rachel. With lines like Married to the MOB and Hellz Bellz already opening the gates to other female street wear brands, it would be refreshing to see something more than a photoshopped logo on a tee. I am hoping to see some new and innovative ideas these Dime Piece ladies have to offer.

  4. I wanna grab that lipstick logo top.
    I agree that I’d love to see more from women’s urban wear, but considering most urban wear lines barely even put out pieces for women, I commend Dime Piece and Hellz Bellz and all for getting into the game. Rachel, if we all support these ladies then they will have the means to do even more.

  5. this is WACK! c’mon, first of all i’ve used the name dimepiece on myspace and all sorts of blogs for madlong (since back when it was still somewhat original). this line might have had potential if it came out 3 years ago… if it’s taken “Dimepiece” this long to catch on to the stretwear scene, don’t bother. the last things streewear needs is some more wackness, i would hope ladies that were going to pour themselves into something new like a clothing line would at least ensure there really was something “new” about it. BLAH!

  6. ive also used the word WACK for mad longer. that means you should stop using that word.
    the line isnt for fresh new lingo. its for the women who are essentially the perfect ten.
    you either are a dimpece or youre not. you decide.
    if you think youre the only dimepiece on the block then youll get bummed when your neighbor and homegirl is gonna be sportin it. suicide kills. and youre killing yourself.

    lingo myspace name inventor does not make you queen of styles and street wear.
    get over yourself.

    go rock a conrdog on a stick hat.

  7. Yo, I love the line and anyone who thinks this isn’t fresh obviously doesn’t like any of the ladies lines that are out right now. I definitely think Laura and Ash are bringing something new to the table by adding a different lifestyle.

    The bad girl has been done to death and I love it, but everyone’s not a bad girl and this line is a perfect way to show the other side of life. You can be into to streetwear and not be a gun or knife toting gangsta bitch. This is LA shit and it’s the perfect opposite of East coast grime.

    So who’s the fake ass dime that trying to hate. You’re probably more like a nickel so get over yaself and support the ladies for having the balls to put a line out.

    PS. I’m from the east coast and I feel this to the fullest. Rock on ladies….

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