Preview of Kate Moss for Topshop Collection

I know you’ve all been waiting for this, including myself…one of the most anticipated collaborations, Kate Moss for Topshop collection. Here it is, scans from the Vogue UK Spring ’07 issue featuring Kate Moss in an exclusive interview and preview. The collection debuts on May 1st and there will be a total of 80 pieces! WOW, that’s a huge collection, so far I’m not wanting anything (thank god!). BUT I’m sure I’ll find a few pieces that I’ll feen for as the full collection surfaces the web. via Shop Diary.

More pics after the jump…which piece(s) do you like?

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  1. The first white dress looks nice, but I would need to see how it is on a mannequin or something! Too bad there’s no topshop in Canada… :(

  2. the shorts at the top look like they’re insanely wedgie inducing. Let’s hope it’s just the angle she’s got her legs at.

  3. Angles and lighting can make anything look good. I say, wait til there’s proper from the front pics.

  4. I think the range looks pretty – the striped suit with vest looks really smart, and the white one shoulder dress looks gorgeous as well.

  5. I think Kate Moss is beautiful supermodel. Did you know that She never wear bra until last Tuesday?

  6. If only i had her legs….they’re fucking hot…

  7. lets get lost tonight, you can be my black kate moss tonight

  8. awsome pics……..this is too much….i'm crazy abt u…………

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